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Office Interior Design – 9 New Trends In Office Layout

What Are The New Trends In Office Layout?

The newest trends in office interior design alter every year due to slight changes in the corporate environment. Many of these developments in 2022 are being driven by the return to a cozier, more welcoming workplace that is safer and more familiar.

Your workplace will become more inviting to new hires, friendly to returning employees, and reassuring to those who have worked there for years by integrating some of these trends.

1. Activity-Based Planning Is Key to Space Design

Workers have more options for activities while having limited spaces. Now, in addition to all the tiny individual rooms, there is space for a coffee shop, a library, a resource centre, and perhaps a cafe.

2. Active Workplace with Ergonomic Interior Office Design

The support of the body in its most natural position is ensured by ergonomic design, which also works to lessen muscle strain. To offset the strain brought on by sitting all day at work, staying active is essential. As a result, active and ergonomic furniture is becoming more and more common in modern office designs.

3. Architectural Interiors Using Pods or Booths for Privacy

To create private spaces for peaceful working, interior office furniture architecture may involve placing booths or pods. Pods ought to include enough workstations and seats for a solitary employee or a small team. Additionally, they must have strong Wi-Fi connectivity and ports for charging laptops.

4. Wallcoverings and living walls

Wallcoverings may incorporate hues or graphics that convey the characteristics and ideals of the business. Accent walls transform a room’s one white wall into a coloured one, adding a splash of colour without tiring the eyes. The colour psychology of these accent walls can be used to motivate employees or promote focus.

5. Nature in the office and sustainability

The presence of nature in biophilic workplaces, which incorporate natural elements into every aspect of the building’s design, is not limited to living walls. The sensation of bringing nature indoors is enhanced by the use of water walls or fountains, green walls, plants, and other natural building materials.

6. Light colors and natural lighting

Lighter hues like greens, greys, and neutrals improve the natural atmosphere of an office. Through the application of colour psychology, the colours used in a workplace can also affect productivity.

7. Mixing old with new

A balance between the cosiness of traditional design and the trendy nature of contemporary styles can be achieved by combining old and new materials and pieces. For instance, the use of wood office furniture in a contemporary setting might incorporate the trend of fusing old and new without entirely devoting resources to either.

8. Lounge spaces reflecting the company

According to current lounge design trends, facilities should incorporate aspects of the business’s operations and ideals. Today’s offices include lounge sections more akin to rec rooms rather than bare spaces for employees to microwave prepackaged dinners. Games like table tennis, air hockey, or foosball offer much-needed breaks from the day’s work while also giving employees’ eyes a respite from screen time. These engaging activities promote natural workplace interaction and stress reduction by releasing tension.

9. A sense of home at work

Designers can include residential aspects like cosy sofas and chairs, soft lighting fixtures in common areas, or artwork exhibited all around the office to promote a secure, pleasant sense of “home” there. Wood flooring can give a room a feeling of cosiness.

Over the past two years, the pandemic has altered our perception of office design trends. The environments in which we work daily should support us throughout these moments of change. These design trends will improve your workplace and maintain the happiness and health of your staff, regardless of whether you have opted to rebuild your office completely or merely make a few modest alterations.

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