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Levelling the Playing Field with Hybrid Workplace

As companies gear up for the new normal – hybrid workplace design, many of them are looking to adopt the hybrid work model, The ABW Model. This model works on the premise of employees visiting workplaces every now and then, and feeling completely at home while doing so.

Using the Light-Colour Interplay to facilitate Out-of-Home Comfort

When the pandemic struck, employees had to virtually shift their workspaces to their homes. It’s time to reverse the transition, making offices feel more like home. How does one achieve this? Here’s an example: workers have access to natural light and loads of colour while working from home.

working from home

Replicating this in the office space can be pivotal in driving the transition. Big glass windows or glazed partitions, for example, accentuate natural light and lighten the mood to boost concentration and creativity. Similarly, green walls and indoor plants around the office also help create a serene closeness to nature. Colourful furniture or paintings also go a long way, lending a warm, homely touch to the workspace.

Hybrid Workplace Design

Space as a Function of Design

Open-space seating is one of the latest favourites in workspace design. It creates an overall sense of airiness and freedom, catalysing creativity and free thought. Tall tables for impromptu meetings, spacious corridors, café-style seating etc. encourage easy collaboration and brainstorming sessions. On the other hand, facilities can also be equipped with “quiet places” to allow workers to incubate and concentrate – not dissimilar to cosy corners at home that facilitate better concentration.

café-style seating

Given that most employees would not be in the office every day of the week, it makes no sense to allot dedicated workstations to individuals. Instead, the office layout should offer easy mobility and flexibility, allowing employees with hybrid schedules to easily find a spot to hit the ground running, and more importantly, be comfortable. Then, whether it’s proximity to the coffee machine or the best Wi-Fi access, employees shouldn’t have to compromise on any given day.

Holistically Speaking…

The modern-day worker is more concerned about personal health than ever before. And activities that improve physical and mental wellness are getting increasingly integrated into day-to-day activities. So why leave them out of the workspace?

personal health

Depending on budget and scale, workspaces can be designed with gyms, break rooms, yoga corners, gaming rooms, resting pods and so on…anything that helps workers relax, rejuvenate and come back stronger. After all, motivation is the key driver of productivity, and what better motivation than a space that workers can resonate with.


Hybrid Workplace Design

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