Why Officebanao?

Well… you get a great office (that’s a given)

What you will really enjoy is the journey to get there

Solving the key problems


You are never sure what you are going to get, 3Ds take forever, and by the time you realize, its too late to change!

Officebanao has converted office design into a game!

We have combined the design thought leadership of global designers with AI and gaming engines to ensure that our designers can assist you in identifying your design concepts, styles and overall design as well as product selections in real time!

Not getting the office on time is the biggest risk!

Officebanao will give you a transparent and optimized project plan (usually 45 to 60 days).

Combining decades of execution experience with technology to drive predictive optimized planning as well as real time exception handling; and with a clear set of Standard Operating Procedures to drive efficient, effective on time project execution, Officebanao team and its execution partners will get your work done in time!

What is going on? Am I getting my office in time? Am I getting the quality that was promised?

At Officebanao, you get real time updates, and can monitor quality on your mobile phone!

Officebanao has build an entire technology platform to track, monitor and manage progress, communication and quality on projects, getting project visibility to all stakeholders in real time.

Making compromises you just cannot find the right designs, materials and products that fit your style and budget!

Officebanao aggregates all choices of designs, materials and products – cutting across regions, geographies, brands, design styles and price ranges.

Our Team, armed with the first of its kind AI enabled deign and materials platform recommends the right product selections on the spot and the automated procurement engine drives seamless delivery

We have got you Covered

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Interior Design


Interior Design

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With Officebanao

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on our website, at your convenience

  • Design Styles
  • Space Configuration
  • Cost Packages

You will have fun starting the journey



with our expert designers

  • Instant layouts
  • Real time design options
  • Cost in a day

Enjoy the "Tech + Touch" experience



hassle free execution

  • Transparency & Visibility
  • Clear milestones & Payments
  • Quality assurance

Execution expertise + Tech enabled visibility

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We delivered 50+ client projects

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