Agreement of Terms and Conditions

The user(s) of this website should read and fully understand the privacy policy; further consenting that the terms and conditions of the policy are acceptable to him or her.
The terms and conditions, attaining information, and its correct usage which is mentioned in the points further, are constituted through an agreement that is legally bound between Swash tech Solutions Private Limited (STS) and the user(s). The privacy policy, as mentioned here, consists of points that define your limits, legal rights, and obligations, towards the usage of the website.
The policy also defines your participation on the portal, which majorly includes classified advertisements, various emails, newsletter, forums, and other such content as well as service(s) that are present on this portal.
The policy is applicable and accessible (for reading purpose only) to all the user(s) browsing the website, which also includes user(s) who have access and/or are registered on the platform. The privacy policy is also defined for those user(s) who contribute content, information, advertisements, private and public messages, and materials similar to the mentioned services on the portal.
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