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Ushering in the New Age of Office Design with AI

Ushering in the New Age of Office Design with AI

The Jetsons may have got their prediction of flying cars wrong (so far), but they certainly nailed it with AI. Siri, Alexa, and Google Assistant – are all household names now, and telling examples of how AI has changed the fabric of our existence. From healthcare and food tech to retail, eCommerce and banking services, almost every imaginable industry is gravitating towards the inevitability of AI, and the interior design industry is no exception.

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AI Driving Office Interior Design…Inside-Out

Instantly making tape measures, drawings, photographs and distometers look archaic, technologies such as Light Detection and Ranging (LiDAR) introduce speed and accuracy to proceedings; and how! And we’re only just scratching the surface here. These technologies give accurate and close-to-instant scans of spaces with astonishing detail.  With pre-fed data into the AI system, designers can overlay permutations and combinations of furniture, lighting, colour and other elements to get a virtual rendition of the space – all this in photorealistic quality.

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Leveraging AI in the Apps Space

There are a number of AI-powered apps and tools with varying UI capabilities that make the process of space visualization a breeze. While some are more hands-on with a short questionnaire to be filled with details about colour choices, furnishing requirements, etc., others just require the user to scan the office area to get automated suggestions. Some of these apps use a mix of AI, AR, and VR to create a floorplan with zones within a workplace. Smartly weaving stored data with the desired selection of elements, AI apps hit the nail on the head more often than not.

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AI is Cool, but does it deliver the Bang for the Buck?

Almost instantly, AI applications play a big role in cutting down expenses, and more importantly, accelerating turnaround. Then again, AI applications are designed to be human-centric, with one eye on human behavioural data to generate floorplans keeping in mind employee preferences. There is really no end to the extent of humanization and personalization AI offers. And the most exciting part: we’ve only just tapped into the potential of AI in office space design.

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